Writing Challenges

They remain open forever!

Here are the poetry challenges.

Challenge 1: First Line Challenge (Fear no more the heat of the sun…)
Challenge 2: First Line Challenge: (It was many and many a year ago)
Challenge 3: Rhyming Challenge (William Wordsworth)
Challenge 4: Rhyming Challenge (Emily Bronte)
Challenge 5: Anglo-Saxon Alliterative Verse
Challenge 6: Sidney Lanier’s Marshes of Glynn (Body of Water Poem)
Challenge 7: Clerihew Challenge
Challenge 8: First Line Challenge (In winter in the woods alone))
Challenge 9: Rewrite Challenge (Padraic Colum)
Challenge 10: Rhyming Challenge (Emily Dickenson)
Challenge 11: Thematic Challenge (Noah’s Raven)
Challenge 12: Epistolary Poem
(We made like a hotel elevator and skipped 13)
Challenge 14: First Line Challenge (I will arise and go now)
Challenge 15: Petrarchan Sonnet
Challenge 16: Nonsense Poem/Invented Words
Challenge 17: Triolet Challenge
Challenge 18: Password protected private challenge
Challenge 19: Rhetorical Figures Poem
Challenge 20: Imagist Poem
Challenge 21: Non-themed general challenge (originally twelve-poem/twelve hour challenge)

The rhetorical writing prose challenges begin here. Each contains a link leading to the next