Who is Alana K. Asby?

Born in Wisconsin in 1982; subsequent adventures involving sweet clover, elephantine snows, and 7 siblings

Creative autodidact with just enough college to be obnoxious

Subnormal practical IQ, nicely complemented by off-the-charts verbal IQ

Wrote a thesis proving black jelly beans are the devil’s handiwork; available for several hundred dollars on request

Generally held to be a fine editor, if a somewhat eccentric writer

Champion of formal, musical, and classical poetry

Traditionalist; Democratic Monarchist; Eastern Orthodox Christian

Head and proprietor of Vulgaris Media LLC

Founding editor of The Author’s Journal of Inventive Literature

Author of Let Beauty Awake: Poems After a Century’s Slumber

Work in progress: Second Cousins: A Comedy of 26th Century Manners

Work in progress: The Body in The Book Bay

Work in Progress: Brother Lightning: Superhero of the Countryside

Work in Progress: Terraforming The Underworld