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Read My Latest at the Curator Blog

My essay on the relationship between faith and poetry has been published at, an Anabaptist literature site that also hosts Literature Camp every summer, and publishes an annual art and lit magazine called The Leaf, after Tolkien’s Leaf By Niggle. I enjoyed attending Lit Camp the last two years, and presenting a workshop on “Artful Reading Aloud” this summer. The material from that workshop will shortly appear at as a free curriculum. Finally, my Bible Major is coming in handy! Let me know what you think in the… Read more Read My Latest at the Curator Blog

How To Ferment Using Cooking Machines

There are very few cooking machines designed specifically to culture or ferment food, and they tend to be extremely expensive and make very small amounts at a time. Here’s how to ferment a large batch of rice using a rice cooker, and of yogurt using a probe crock pot and a thermal jacket. Rice cookers (not pressure cookers) tend to have a warm function that creates a perfect environment for fermentation. Cook a batch of rice, following the usual instructions. Unplug the machine and let it cool for a few… Read more How To Ferment Using Cooking Machines