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The Face of One Who Has Spoken With God

Everyone should go watch this video at Fr. Stephen’s blog. Just to know that there are people out there who do little but pray, people who actually achieve what the apostle commanded when he said “Pray without ceasing,” this video is worthwhile. But it is also full of gospel.

Truly Dreadful Productions Debut, “Long, Long Ago”

It is with a deep sense of destiny – one that wrestles constantly, I may add, with an equally deep sense of personal humiliation – that I anounce the launch of my YouTube debut. Click Here to hear me sing “Long, Long Ago” for Truly Dreadful Productions. The sense of humiliation comes from the fact that this is the most dreadful rendition of an already dreadful song that you are likely to hear within the next month at least. The sense of destiny comes from my hope that when you have heard it,… Read more Truly Dreadful Productions Debut, “Long, Long Ago”