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Poetry Challenge 19: Post Thy Poems… Or Wait a Week

Here we are on the starting date of our rhetorical figures poetry challenge. If you have a poem ready, you may post it below. Otherwise, you can wait a week or so with some of us who are still working. We’re starting slowly; we’re that sort of blog. In fact, I’m about to coin “Slow Literature” – did I, then? Let it be acknowledged a term nicer than euphemism and more honest than insult. Slow Literature is what we do around these parts. It’s like “slow cooking” and “slow thinking”.… Read more Poetry Challenge 19: Post Thy Poems… Or Wait a Week

Poetry Challenge 16: Halovidian

The challenge this time is to write a poem using rhyme, meter/rhythm, and/or alliteration, with the following catch: we have to use at least three of the following invented words, and assign our own meaning to them. You can also include made-up words of your own. If necessary, provide pronunciation guides. Feel free to invent plurals and other forms for these words. Suggested but not required theme: the nature of language. The challenge opens here two weeks from today. That’s July 8th, 2018. Entries will be considered for paid inclusion… Read more Poetry Challenge 16: Halovidian

Call for Submissions: Riddles, Fan-Fic, and More

It is still slow going on the new website for The Academy of Inventive Literature. However, I am beginning to put the next issue together and I want to send out a call for submissions. The theme is Life Of Books and I am looking for some special works of poetry and other creative items (we already have the stories we need for this issue.) Firstly, in celebration of the ways literature is better when writers plagiarize, I’m asking for some works of thinly disguised fan-fiction, as well as some… Read more Call for Submissions: Riddles, Fan-Fic, and More