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Poetry Challenge 18

The 18th Poetry Challenge is to write a poem that functions both aesthetically and as an interpretation or critical analysis of a character from classical fiction. Any character appearing only in works published before 1923 is acceptable. Pressing on!

Poetry Challenge 17 Triolet: Post Thy Poems!

This was interesting. I’ve written triolets before and I ran into the same issue this time. One feels the repeated lines would be more affecting if the poem were sung; on the page, they can seem a bit like dead wood. Perhaps my approach is too straightforward? At any rate, I decided to write several triolets and play with different approaches. One approach is simple and uncomplicated. It’s lyrical because as I said, this kind of thing feels like it should be sung. The second approach involves the repeated lines… Read more Poetry Challenge 17 Triolet: Post Thy Poems!

Poetry Challenge 16: Halovidian

The challenge this time is to write a poem using rhyme, meter/rhythm, and/or alliteration, with the following catch: we have to use at least three of the following invented words, and assign our own meaning to them. You can also include made-up words of your own. If necessary, provide pronunciation guides. Feel free to invent plurals and other forms for these words. Suggested but not required theme: the nature of language. The challenge opens here two weeks from today. That’s July 8th, 2018. Entries will be considered for paid inclusion… Read more Poetry Challenge 16: Halovidian