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Using Archaisms: A Question of Good Taste

When and how should writers use archaic words? In what context, for what use, and to what effect? Some, even  most people in the writing/publishing business, will tell you that you should avoid archaic words altogether. And so you should, if you cannot be sure that you are using them artfully. But this is true of all words; you should never use a word that you cannot use artfully, if art is what you are making. On the other hand, if you can use a word artfully that is not in… Read more Using Archaisms: A Question of Good Taste

Help Me With My Word Search

I’m looking for a word whose definition I remember. The word refers to a teaching practice. When a teacher is introducing an extremely difficult subject that is really entirely beyond the abilities of her students, she may sometimes present introductory material that, from the perspective of an expert in that field, is not strictly correct. She does this so that her students can begin their investigations – can have “something to go on.” Later, when they have progressed and acquired some precise knowledge, she must go back and correct that… Read more Help Me With My Word Search


I suffer death his hard blue sting his theft of breath his hammering Yet though worlds fade before my eyes I’m not thus made the thing that dies I bore the shame I wore the tree I was the sin Remember me