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Tag: Theories

Is Internet Changing Television Content?

I grew up without television, excepting the occasional episode of The Andy Griffith Show, and as an adult I tried cable for a bit but dropped it, feeling choked by the undiscerning options. Now, when I want to watch something I use Hulu. I click off an episode the moment it becomes offensive and if I don’t like a commercial ad I turn the sound off and shift to a different tab and do some reading or writing or something. Sometimes I just run an episode in the background. It… Read more Is Internet Changing Television Content?

Nature, Nurture, Both, Interdependency… Life?

Reading “The Dependent Gene” by  David S. Moore (2001). He’s pointing out that genes and environment together are not enough to explain differences between say, identical or even conjoined twins raised in an identical environment. Talking about a concept of developmental “noise”  – and I’ll see where’s he’s going with that – but it seems a good moment to point out that the differences he’s pointing out, such as personality differences between identical twins, need more of an explanation than just “noise.” If it comes to that, behavior outside the… Read more Nature, Nurture, Both, Interdependency… Life?

The Birth of Autonomous Artificial Intelligence: What It Would Look Like

a guest essay by my inimitable husband, Scottie; who always surprises Introduction: The Terminator The thesis of the three Terminator films (and countless other sci-fi flicks) is the evolution of machines into autonomous beings who calculate that humanity is in need of destruction. It’s hard to forget the frightful scenario of the film: Arnold Schwarzenegger as a human-cyborg Terminator relentlessly pursuing human Sara Connor in order to kill her and, in doing so, ensure the annihilation of the human race. The prospect of our own creations turning upon us in such a cold,… Read more The Birth of Autonomous Artificial Intelligence: What It Would Look Like