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Tag: Television

Is Internet Changing Television Content?

I grew up without television, excepting the occasional episode of The Andy Griffith Show, and as an adult I tried cable for a bit but dropped it, feeling choked by the undiscerning options. Now, when I want to watch something I use Hulu. I click off an episode the moment it becomes offensive and if I don’t like a commercial ad I turn the sound off and shift to a different tab and do some reading or writing or something. Sometimes I just run an episode in the background. It… Read more Is Internet Changing Television Content?

Film Is Our Art

Art despises us and we despise art. At least, this is true of everything that we have been taught to call art. I’ve more or less come to believe that film is our own true art form, the artistic language of our present society. Film is the one form that nearly everyone in our society interacts with. Not everyone reads books, and fewer and fewer people look at paintings or listen to music. True dancing by itself is a curiosity. The examples that are being made have been divided into… Read more Film Is Our Art