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Tag: Stories

Lazarus and the Oppressor

Once upon a time, there was a man whose fate on earth was unthinkably bad. He was homeless, jobless, and unable to work. He had a terrible disease. Because he was not a woman or a child, no one’s gallantry was awakened by his plight. He got no health care. He got no help. He had nothing to eat. And this is a man who had harmed no one in his life – or if once he had, his wrongdoing was swallowed up in the horror of his fate. This… Read more Lazarus and the Oppressor

Announcement About Ratty Release

Hey there, friends. This extended project – self-publishing my first book of short stories – is nearly over. How this writing/publishing project has changed and propelled me forward in my skills! I’ve submitted the final files and they will be available on Amazon in a few days. (Actually, the print version and the ebook version are both available already, but if you were to purchase the print version now it would have a few typos and formatting errors that didn’t make it into the final version.) The ebook version is selling for… Read more Announcement About Ratty Release

How We Learn How To Write

Even though my own education was self-directed and patchy, I do have very pretty ideas about how people learn to write.  I am presently taking a distance writing class and I had a course or two at college. What I find is that those kinds of sources have a limited but very important function. Their limitation is that they will give you fairly generalized instruction, but the benefit is that someone is going to see what you write and point out exactly where you deviate from that instruction. (Hopefully you gain the ability to… Read more How We Learn How To Write