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Tag: Sexuality

A Brief Statement

Perhaps the most concise way to state what I have been getting at in regard to masculinity and femininity is as follows. “In any mutual action in which party A is said to provide the masculine activity and party B is said to provide the feminine activity, party A acts upon party B, while party B is acted upon by party A.” This says nothing about whether party B is active and energetic or not. Nor does it say anything about whether party B has done anything aggressive or taken… Read more A Brief Statement

Looking Down on People is Stupid

In case someone is wondering what the acerbic-sounding title is all about, I’ll come right out and say at the start that I am doing something unusual, for me: I am responding to another blogger’s stupid post. It’s called “I Look Down on Young Women With Husbands and Kids and I’m Not Sorry.” First, a brief summary. This woman says that feminism doesn’t validate all choices a woman makes. (Well, I could have told her that, but apparently feminism has become so politically correct that we’re all trying to disguise… Read more Looking Down on People is Stupid

Why New Literature is Different From Old Literature

This is another post based on a comment I wanted to make on another blog but it got too long. Nathan Bransford recently posted a 100-year best-seller list alongside a list of the books that were published in the same year that are now considered Best Books by Modern Library. His contention is that there is no golden era of literature – that the books we revere from the past were not better liked during their time than literary novels are during our own time. I think this is an… Read more Why New Literature is Different From Old Literature

Tradition vs. Conservatism

Conservatism can be just as radical as liberalism. Conservatism does not necessarily have a criteria for what is being conserved. It picks a plot on the ideological landscape, builds a homestead there, and sets out to defend it. The language of this defense is often borrowed from tradition – may even include the word tradition. But the actual vetting process involved in real tradition is missing. Conservatism is essentially intellectual and therefore incomplete. Liberalism is essentially rootlessness. It is forgetting. Liberals don’t see the reason for anything – it’s their… Read more Tradition vs. Conservatism