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Tag: Reading

First Trip to the Library

I have just discovered that by hitting ‘Enter’ while holding down the shift key I can start a line directly below my present line like this instead of double-spacing my paragraphs like WordPress normally does. This will be nice the next time I write a poem. *** “Libraries are just civilized. They are just a part of civilized society, and we need one.” This was Scottie’s Dad. Scottie, who got his political sensibilities nearly as much from  his libertarian friend Fred as from his own Father, disagreed. “It’s $200.00 per family per… Read more First Trip to the Library

Blogs That Don’t Belong in my Blogroll, but to Which I Wish to Link, Nevertheless

As I mentioned before, the criteria for being on my blogroll is that I feel a certain blog has proved to be a noticeable influence on whatever I’m doing in my own blog. There are a long list of blogs, however, that I read just for enjoyment. Here are four of the best-written of that long list. O Cuniculi: Here’s an English fellow, a teacher of some sort, who’s always interesting. The name of his blog is a joke, in Latin, which I think I almost get. Warwickensis is a devoted Christian running… Read more Blogs That Don’t Belong in my Blogroll, but to Which I Wish to Link, Nevertheless

How We Learn How To Write

Even though my own education was self-directed and patchy, I do have very pretty ideas about how people learn to write.  I am presently taking a distance writing class and I had a course or two at college. What I find is that those kinds of sources have a limited but very important function. Their limitation is that they will give you fairly generalized instruction, but the benefit is that someone is going to see what you write and point out exactly where you deviate from that instruction. (Hopefully you gain the ability to… Read more How We Learn How To Write