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Tag: Progress

What Is Real Progress?

It would be odd if we had a concept of progress, but nothing to correspond to it in reality. I think progress is something that the human race is supposed to experience, but the mechanics get co-opted by bad things a lot. So, just because something is “progressive” doesn’t mean it helped anyone. On the other hand, it is possible to trace ways in which things have improved as well as ways in which they have not. And some changes are neither good nor bad in any absolute sense, but simply are… Read more What Is Real Progress?


The more that happens and becomes clear to me, the less there is to say. It would be easy to speak of the unease I feel at certain trends in the Church; far more difficult to speak of the immeasurable river of grace I find there. Easy to criticize individual or parish or even jurisdictional examples of Orthodox Christians forgetting to some extent that they are the Church (and not a social club or a foundation for the preservation of culture or a center of activism for some favorite “issue”… Read more Reflection