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Tag: Prayer

St. Porphyrios Challenge

Last year I publicly set myself the first of several poetry-writing challenges and invited others to join me. The results have been fruitful, though modest as to participation volume. I’d like to set myself another kind of public challenge and invite the participation of others. This isn’t the kind of thing to join in out of embarrassment or guilt or undue solemness. If it resonates for you – if it offers expression of something that is in your heart as well as mine – I invite you to join me.… Read more St. Porphyrios Challenge

The Face of One Who Has Spoken With God

Everyone should go watch this video at Fr. Stephen’s blog. Just to know that there are people out there who do little but pray, people who actually achieve what the apostle commanded when he said “Pray without ceasing,” this video is worthwhile. But it is also full of gospel.

A Very Poor Effort

What song can I sing? I have not a word to say; Full of emptiness, in wordless prayers I pray toward formless forms and heatless burnings toward Flyers In The Heaven without wing and know – it is not You! You are not these! O! (Whom shall I address?) To what bright center shall I press, and truly say: Ah, it is You! At last? (When will I be strong enough to grip you fast?) Should I form pictures in my mind? And say: this homely glow upon these yellow leaves, this pale pink… Read more A Very Poor Effort

Beside Still Waters He Restores My Soul

After some correspondance with our dear Father B— last night I’ve realized once again how lightly Christianity treads the tense wire between challenging and effortless. Everyone has sins and failures. My own tend to be of that very obvious sort that everyone notices – which frustrates any subtle designs on my part to hide my faults and make pretense to sanctity I don’t actually possess. In fact I tend to go to the opposite extreme. As I mentioned elsewhere in blogdom, I am the type of person to whom temptation usually… Read more Beside Still Waters He Restores My Soul