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Tag: Power

Power and Obedience

So if every one is supposed to govern himself and his own affairs and not steal the power of others or cede his own power to someone else – what is obedience for? Christians particularly may wonder about this, given scriptural admonitions about obedience. Obedience is not giving your power to someone else and it is certainly not allowing anyone else to take your power – the coherence of your soul, your will. Obedience is the only civilized way of wielding someone else’s power on their behalf, as their steward.… Read more Power and Obedience

Evil Thefts and Virtuous Expansions of Power

I suppose it’s natural that people who feel themselves powerless and ineffectual most of their lives would at some point begin to think about power. Josh and I have certainly begun to do so. There was a time when I would have scorned to think about power – my instincts are all for independence and in my maturity I have never wished to control anyone. It comes clear to me now that this is precisely why we have to think about power – in order to protect and promote independence.… Read more Evil Thefts and Virtuous Expansions of Power

Queen Bee

She scorns all your thoughts – she can’t afford many. She mocks at your beauty, for she hasn’t any. Her favorite chores are snuffing the wick, pinching the sprout and lobbing the brick. She wants it all stripped, to show you the bones and say, “here’s the blood-sack you thought was Jones!” Here’s Lady Contempt, for you all to look at. ‘Like’ if you’re someone she once threw the book at.