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Tag: Poem

A Star Is Too Far

I Through water iridescent fish whip. Through darkness effervescent stars slip. Travelers incessant: Some never see the spreading sky Some go and go and never by. II To stone stretched out in range on range that stared up at the newborn sky the final lot here falls to lie where light is lost and air is strange. Here lies entombed in wave on wave Earth, the universal grave. III But a star is too far: Long-kindled height; Irrational sprite of a body since dead; Arrow of gold from an archer… Read more A Star Is Too Far

On Duty, Floor Plans, and Ants

As I look around at the unpacked, unsorted stacks of cds, old diaries, pillows, and toys which I ought to be finding a place for, I want to mention the pleasure of doing one’s duty. There are two possible reasons, in my case, for accomplishing anything. The first is that I seek achievment, the boast of having done something. The second is that I ought to. Now my I believe the second reason is the more noble. I also think that it weeds stress out of my life when I… Read more On Duty, Floor Plans, and Ants