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Tag: Pain

Why Have you Given Me Bitter

Why have you given me bitter to drink? I always was nursed on sweet – Why have you poured contempt down my throat And only despite to eat? My hair disperses with every wind And disappears with my heat – My shoulders and hips are pressed out of joint by the bonds on my hands and feet –

My Dear Patient Readers, I’ve finally got him off – Scottie has betaken himself to the south for two months and suddenly I’ve got time on my hands. Time that could be well spent in many ways, of course. I need to scour my appartment in preparation for the house blessing I haven’t signed up for yet, and Scottie wants me to write him a letter every day. And then there are all those improving things I meant to do like take a night course, read some of these books,… Read more

Babies Going to the Chiropractor

Here’s Nicole Hoelscher Harms’ full story of a Chiropractor solving colic. Nicole is a friend and a published author of articles. I would only add that if you are taking your child to the chiropractor it’s well to find one who has some training on the gentler techniques needed for children. The last few days have been rough. From dinner until she finally collapsed from exhaustion at around 11 each night, Megan has been awake, screaming, and obviously in pain. Nothing is more difficult and emotionally draining for a mommy than… Read more Babies Going to the Chiropractor