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Looking Down on People is Stupid

In case someone is wondering what the acerbic-sounding title is all about, I’ll come right out and say at the start that I am doing something unusual, for me: I am responding to another blogger’s stupid post. It’s called “I Look Down on Young Women With Husbands and Kids and I’m Not Sorry.” First, a brief summary. This woman says that feminism doesn’t validate all choices a woman makes. (Well, I could have told her that, but apparently feminism has become so politically correct that we’re all trying to disguise… Read more Looking Down on People is Stupid

Why New Literature is Different From Old Literature

This is another post based on a comment I wanted to make on another blog but it got too long. Nathan Bransford recently posted a 100-year best-seller list alongside a list of the books that were published in the same year that are now considered Best Books by Modern Library. His contention is that there is no golden era of literature – that the books we revere from the past were not better liked during their time than literary novels are during our own time. I think this is an… Read more Why New Literature is Different From Old Literature

Power and Obedience

So if every one is supposed to govern himself and his own affairs and not steal the power of others or cede his own power to someone else – what is obedience for? Christians particularly may wonder about this, given scriptural admonitions about obedience. Obedience is not giving your power to someone else and it is certainly not allowing anyone else to take your power – the coherence of your soul, your will. Obedience is the only civilized way of wielding someone else’s power on their behalf, as their steward.… Read more Power and Obedience

American Elections – Confessions of a Former Monarchy

American elections: like a sixteen-year-old girl, we are ever questing for our new hero. He must be someone who will treat us like an equal while protecting us from all the things we can’t handle about adult life. He must do this with the understanding that we get to dump him in a few years. Sooner, if he’s really, really abusive. We search the profiles of our prospective political lovers; are thrilled and despondant by turns. They take us on dates to rallies that rival the excitement of a rock concert. They… Read more American Elections – Confessions of a Former Monarchy