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Tag: Literary

Poetry Challenge 13: Postponement/Figures of Speech

I see I accidentally posted the wrong link. “Rhetorical terms” is full of things one shouldn’t do, as well as things one might do! Since I had the real list all along, and you didn’t, I’m going to extend the challenge for another week and give everyone a chance to write using “Figures of Speech,” which is the list I had been using, and had in mind. Figures of speech in this sense are actually rhetorical devices – they are ways of arranging or “figuring” language to get at a specific… Read more Poetry Challenge 13: Postponement/Figures of Speech

Link: Dictionary of Rare Words

Splendid site. I may have a poetry challenge soon in which we try to use, in a poem, as many words as possible from this “rare words” dictionary. My trouble is that I frequently think in concepts for which I cannot find any words. Inventing words is very difficult at this stage of history, I think – or maybe I just don’t have the talent for it. Or maybe I should practice. Well anyhow, here’s hoping that I may find in this list words for some of those concepts languishing in… Read more Link: Dictionary of Rare Words

Announcing the Next Poet’s Challenge

So I have been casting about for another challenge, to pursue in the following two weeks. We may return to the first-line challenge another time, but I want to try something a little different. This time, I am going to propose a set of rhymes, that a famous poet used in one of his poems. On Tuesday, June 17th I’ll post a poem I’ll have written using those rhymes, and I invite you all to do so as well. Mutual enjoyment and critique is proposed. Part of the fun will… Read more Announcing the Next Poet’s Challenge