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A New Link: Yudhie’s Heart-Beat

I’ve added a new link,  Heart Beat, to my blogroll. Yudhie, a young Indonesian Orthodox Christian, has been inspiring many of us lately with his honest relations of the events of his own life, a truly Christian life. I don’t wish to endanger his peace with undue praise, but thanks be to God, through this lad he is encouraging many of us. I wanted to explain why I refer to his blog (in the link description) as “Christianity Uncomplicated.” I think there is something that really does complicate our Christianity,… Read more A New Link: Yudhie’s Heart-Beat

Blogs That Don’t Belong in my Blogroll, but to Which I Wish to Link, Nevertheless

As I mentioned before, the criteria for being on my blogroll is that I feel a certain blog has proved to be a noticeable influence on whatever I’m doing in my own blog. There are a long list of blogs, however, that I read just for enjoyment. Here are four of the best-written of that long list. O Cuniculi: Here’s an English fellow, a teacher of some sort, who’s always interesting. The name of his blog is a joke, in Latin, which I think I almost get. Warwickensis is a devoted Christian running… Read more Blogs That Don’t Belong in my Blogroll, but to Which I Wish to Link, Nevertheless

Link to Monastery Website; Chant Information

I found the English-translated website of a Russian women’s monastery. The website is such a treasure of blessing and piety that I can only imagine what the place itself must be like. There are some recordings of chant, both Russian and Byzantine, which the monastics have made a serious study of. These recordings may be of interest to some of my readers, along with the brief but informative explanations that accompany them. I’ve recieved benefit from the addresses or sermons, and the icons, as well, and I have not yet… Read more Link to Monastery Website; Chant Information