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Tag: Life

Five Poems: Poem 1, Dance

I’ve pretty much been writing a poem a day for a while. So far I’ve been able to salvage 5. Dance When he whirls her round and round her patterned waist rat-tatts his hands. Her mind is oppositely wound and cannot spin with beer and glands surrender to a lilting sound and yield a body for a flower. She wants a word of power. What brief and commonplace return does he expect he can extract with mutterings of burn and yearn? What deep attention she’d exact – he ought to… Read more Five Poems: Poem 1, Dance

Nature, Nurture, Both, Interdependency… Life?

Reading “The Dependent Gene” by  David S. Moore (2001). He’s pointing out that genes and environment together are not enough to explain differences between say, identical or even conjoined twins raised in an identical environment. Talking about a concept of developmental “noise”  – and I’ll see where’s he’s going with that – but it seems a good moment to point out that the differences he’s pointing out, such as personality differences between identical twins, need more of an explanation than just “noise.” If it comes to that, behavior outside the… Read more Nature, Nurture, Both, Interdependency… Life?


I finally finished The Monk of Mount Athos. It is not the sort of book that it’s wise to gobble up at a sitting, though I could have done so as it is rather short. It’s more like the Gospel, that you can slowly absorb a few paragraphs at a time. Needless to say, and no insult intended, I recommend it. Johnny and I are memorizing the Paschal Troparion in Greek. That is, I’ve already done so, and the more I sing it, the more Johnny is able to sing… Read more Update

Today I’m Full of Wonderings

Today I wonder: Why is my scanner not working? Will I ever finish the plays and stories I’ve started? Do I really have it in me to be a writer or am I just a dilettante? What is the next step to getting the mold smell out of that one area of my carpet? Should I give up writing completely and just focus on music? If so, should I audit a college course on conducting or seek a private instructor in keyboard? What can I make with pork chops, mushrooms,… Read more Today I’m Full of Wonderings

Food, Mainly. Also, The Writer’s Test of OK-ness.

Good day, my fine friends. This morning finds me full of hope that you woke alert and pain free at a decent hour. I was in bed by eleven and since I forgot to buy wine the new year arrived in a very small, slumberish kind of way. Yesterday, despite my good intentions, I never had enough free minutes to write to you. I’m sure you survived, and that is my consolation for failure. I spent most of the day working on a story I wanted to get off to a contest before the deadline.… Read more Food, Mainly. Also, The Writer’s Test of OK-ness.