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Tag: Language

Poetry Challenge 16: Post Thy Poems

Here is the link to the description for this challenge. The point is to write a poem using three from a list of invented words, as well as (if desired) invented words of one’s own. The challenge is open. Post your poems in the comment section. Remember to use at least three of the invented words, and if you want to, any number of your own. Don’t forget to provide definitions where they are needed. Have fun!

Film Is Our Art

Art despises us and we despise art. At least, this is true of everything that we have been taught to call art. I’ve more or less come to believe that film is our own true art form, the artistic language of our present society. Film is the one form that nearly everyone in our society interacts with. Not everyone reads books, and fewer and fewer people look at paintings or listen to music. True dancing by itself is a curiosity. The examples that are being made have been divided into… Read more Film Is Our Art

How We Learn How To Write

Even though my own education was self-directed and patchy, I do have very pretty ideas about how people learn to write.  I am presently taking a distance writing class and I had a course or two at college. What I find is that those kinds of sources have a limited but very important function. Their limitation is that they will give you fairly generalized instruction, but the benefit is that someone is going to see what you write and point out exactly where you deviate from that instruction. (Hopefully you gain the ability to… Read more How We Learn How To Write

Beware the Doo-mious Mama-snatch…

Forget the experts for a moment – the truly wonderful thing about baby talk is that my baby loves it! No, he doesn’t seem to know it’s silly. And in fact I’m not sure it is. Like everything Johnny and I do together, it’s quite serious. Not glum, dull, drudgish, or somber. Serious as in meaningful. I recently read an article from a University extension newlestter suggesting that some babytalk is necessary, natural, and useful. Calling a dog a doggie would help to emphasize the ‘g’ sound to an as-yet undiscriminating ear. Calling… Read more Beware the Doo-mious Mama-snatch…