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Tag: Joy

First Snow

I’ve caught the Louisville winter disorder. Last year I looked around at everyone pretending that winter doesn’t come here and I thought they were nuts. But this year, this morning, the snow covering the ground took me by surprise. All those warm, sunny November days less than a week behind us, and here I am scraping snow off my car at 7:30 in the morning so I can get my daily shopping done before Josh needs to leave for work, trying to keep the snow from landing on my wrist… Read more First Snow

On The Feast of the Protection of the Theotokos

My head I raise, my soul I raise from dreams of silent, purple pine put down my feet on this cold world and laugh and say, “My Love is mine.” My Love is mine in autumn hours when scarlet befriends eternity My Love will be the hall of mirrors where Beauty consents at last to me My Love has been the stalwart house lit up with gifts, to which I fled when gray corruption seized and gave my childhood to the pursuing dead. Inside are prayers in small brown bags… Read more On The Feast of the Protection of the Theotokos

Elegy To A God

Shall I tell you what I remember of the ancient godling, when he was wooing me and I was drunk with eager love? How he gazed at me with whole-eyed looks, between guileless birch and from everlasting domes! Where light washed around us yellow and green, he appeared to me, a lonely girl who lifted her eyes up and cast her her heart amazed to expand in a firmament feathered with gale-souled treetops seeming not too vast for its blessed visitor. His mistake was coming to me as a god.… Read more Elegy To A God