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Tag: Hymns

Link: The Hymn as Literature

It’s a book, and I’ve read much of the first chapter, and it just happens to loosely tie in to a discussion involved in our most recent challenge. And it’s interesting and sound. And it reminds me a little of how sadly off the U.S. has been without established religion. Here’s the link. Take a look at the first chapter, at least. Hymns were the primary part of my early poetic experience – I mean earlier than when I began to read regular poetry. If that’s like you, you may find as… Read more Link: The Hymn as Literature

Report on Further Investigations of Questions About Imagination

Given, as assumption apriori, the assertions in C. S. Lewis’ short essay “Image and Imagination.” Short recap of Lewis’ essay: Can you imagine something that doesn’t exist? Any examples you want to try out? On first glance, it seems that you can (Fairies?) but actually all you can do is recombine the images of existing things, in new ways. The concept of a fairy, for example, may be  combined from the images of a human being, a bird or insect, and the previous, highly complex image of “magic” – which may… Read more Report on Further Investigations of Questions About Imagination