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Tag: Husband

In Praise of a Husband

Dear, Like Christ you do not splash about in the shallows of me. You well up from deep places, somehow you make the deep places, even. Like Christ, you are born again in my heart, where you shine as a radiance visibly unseen. Like Christ, you made me yours to save me from the death I was growing to love. Like Christ you speak to me of the thoughts I am afraid to admit. “Yes, God does love you” you said – when I had been silent for too long,… Read more In Praise of a Husband

American Elections – Confessions of a Former Monarchy

American elections: like a sixteen-year-old girl, we are ever questing for our new hero. He must be someone who will treat us like an equal while protecting us from all the things we can’t handle about adult life. He must do this with the understanding that we get to dump him in a few years. Sooner, if he’s really, really abusive. We search the profiles of our prospective political lovers; are thrilled and despondant by turns. They take us on dates to rallies that rival the excitement of a rock concert. They… Read more American Elections – Confessions of a Former Monarchy