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Al Hamilton of Broadway fame So Mistress Cleo says Designed the college many blame For sanctioning our latest Prez. And why? Because the scheme creates A union, not of crowds but states.

The Death of a Comrade

Harvest Home By Walter de la Mare First published in 1923, then republished in 1957 A bird flies up from the hayfield; Sweet is the newmown grass; But all those flowers laid low at noonday! And only my sighed Alas! Man garners his own with scythe and gun- Seed of the weed or blood; But the life dies out of a foolish heart When the dust is christened mud. The beauty is gone… Saints sing of heaven: Death’s but the narrow pass From a transient dream to a changeless Real-… Read more The Death of a Comrade

The Dangers of Idealism

It kind of annoys me – the way people use the words ‘idealism’ and ‘idealistic’ to denote a starry-eyed faith-filled approach to life. “Believe that the best is possible,” shriek the voices,  “be idealistic.” Yech. Blech. Mech. Saith the Young Curmudgeon. All “ism’s” are philosophies that place some unifying idea at the center of their thought. Feminism is a view of history and society with the female at the center. Communism is a political philosophy built around the central idea of people’s holding property in common rather than privately. And… Read more The Dangers of Idealism

Scottie Comments on Monarchy

My husband, an amateur historian, has been talking about monarchy on facebook with a libertarian friend. For the friend’s sake I won’t quote the whole conversation, but here’s Scottie’s latest comment. The charge is that monarchy equals dictatorship; that ‘king’ is just a fancy name for president; that kings kill people; that many monarchies existing in the world today are not all that prosperous or stable – examples of which are Swaziland and Saudi Arabia. Here’s what Scottie says: Since there seems to be some confusion, I think I need… Read more Scottie Comments on Monarchy