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Tag: Goodness

My Dear Patient Readers, I’ve finally got him off – Scottie has betaken himself to the south for two months and suddenly I’ve got time on my hands. Time that could be well spent in many ways, of course. I need to scour my appartment in preparation for the house blessing I haven’t signed up for yet, and Scottie wants me to write him a letter every day. And then there are all those improving things I meant to do like take a night course, read some of these books,… Read more

Of Men, Measures, and Morals

I think there is a general understanding that religious people should also be good people. But how long has it been since religious people seriously examined the questions: What makes a good person good?

Listening to the Better Parts of our World

If I allow my mind to flit back to the days of my youth in search of a representative scene or day, I usually come up with a composite picture that racks me with nostalgic longing. Me, huddled by a window or on a porch swing, reading a classic novel and listening to classical music. The swing swims in a weightless atmosphere of gold and green – sunlight filtering through leaves that toss like confetti, dappling the grasses and dandelions. Every breeze, sight, sound, and smell affirm what I am hearing… Read more Listening to the Better Parts of our World