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Tag: God

Poetry Survey Series Post Seven: Double Sonnet by George Herbert

My God, where is that ancient heat towards thee, Wherewith whole shoals of martyrs once did burn, Besides their other flames? Doth poetry Wear Venus’ livery? only serve her turn? Why are not sonnets made of thee? and lays Upon thine altar burnt? Cannot thy love Heighten a spirit to sound out thy praise As well as any she? Cannot thy Dove Outstrip their Cupid easily in flight? Or, since thy ways are deep, and still the same, Will not a verse run smooth that bears thy name! Why doth… Read more Poetry Survey Series Post Seven: Double Sonnet by George Herbert

And Forgive Us Our Trespasses

I used to think that to forgive someone was to release them from an obligation they had incurred by wronging me. Such a definition is easy to formulate and fits neatly into certain elegant theories about right and wrong. However, I think that what is more true is that we are all, already, under measureless obligation to forgive one another because of that law which says, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” When we ask God to forgive us, however, we are not asking him to fulfill an obligation. There are theological… Read more And Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Of Men, Measures, and Morals

I think there is a general understanding that religious people should also be good people. But how long has it been since religious people seriously examined the questions: What makes a good person good?

Drawing a Line around Space-Time

“But do they teach you who God really is?” she asked wistfully. “That’s what I wish my church would do.” My heart leapt and I wanted to simply say yes. That is indeed the pursuit that led me to the Orthodox Church. Just as we began looking into Orthodoxy I read an article by a prominent fundamentalist. He had a new scheme for determining which doctrines are fundamental to the Christian faith. It could have been illustrated by a series of concentric circles, with “the gospel” at the heart. The more necessary a doctrine was in… Read more Drawing a Line around Space-Time