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Tag: Form

Tradition vs. Conservatism

Conservatism can be just as radical as liberalism. Conservatism does not necessarily have a criteria for what is being conserved. It picks a plot on the ideological landscape, builds a homestead there, and sets out to defend it. The language of this defense is often borrowed from tradition – may even include the word tradition. But the actual vetting process involved in real tradition is missing. Conservatism is essentially intellectual and therefore incomplete. Liberalism is essentially rootlessness. It is forgetting. Liberals don’t see the reason for anything – it’s their… Read more Tradition vs. Conservatism

How Form Arises

Some assume that form is the direct product of intelligence alone. However intelligence cannot interact with natural material in a tyrannical fashion without damage or at best rigidity. Absolute control produces what is lifeless. Intelligence interacting with natural material must do so with utmost respect to the shape, size, makeup, and tendencies – in short, the nature – of that material. I believe that form arises through a cooperation between intelligence and previously existing form. The previously existing form can be the shape and order that is found in pure… Read more How Form Arises