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Tips for a New Narnia Movie from an Amateur Lewis scholar/fan

I believe that eventually someone is going to make a new Narnia movie because the last ones failed to satisfy. I think the central problem of making a book into a movie is to stay true to the heart and story of the book, while still making an actual movie and not just a book-on-film. Here are some suggestions. Realize that Aslan is the heart of Narnia, the whole reason for writing the books. Consequently, Aslan must be depicted in a certain way in order for the movies to come… Read more Tips for a New Narnia Movie from an Amateur Lewis scholar/fan

Film Is Our Art

Art despises us and we despise art. At least, this is true of everything that we have been taught to call art. I’ve more or less come to believe that film is our own true art form, the artistic language of our present society. Film is the one form that nearly everyone in our society interacts with. Not everyone reads books, and fewer and fewer people look at paintings or listen to music. True dancing by itself is a curiosity. The examples that are being made have been divided into… Read more Film Is Our Art

Movie vs. Stageplay

What’s the difference between the two forms? In movies, directors and producers are allowed to change the script, sometimes drastically. They can even put out multiple versions of the same movie. What they are crafting as artistans is the final experience of watching the movie. The writer of the screenplay works within this overall purpose. His screenplay does not exist as a distinct work of art, but is rather one step, literary but fluid, toward the real work of art, which is the movie as experienced by the consumer. The… Read more Movie vs. Stageplay