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Tag: Democracy

Evil Thefts and Virtuous Expansions of Power

I suppose it’s natural that people who feel themselves powerless and ineffectual most of their lives would at some point begin to think about power. Josh and I have certainly begun to do so. There was a time when I would have scorned to think about power – my instincts are all for independence and in my maturity I have never wished to control anyone. It comes clear to me now that this is precisely why we have to think about power – in order to protect and promote independence.… Read more Evil Thefts and Virtuous Expansions of Power

Monarchy and America’s Friends

A fascinating article on the quality of the USA’s monarchical allies. A truly first-world nation, Japan is incredibly prosperous, technologically advanced, and is a functioning democracy. It is however, ruled by a monarch. Japan is the closest US ally in East Asia and one of the world’s most powerful nations. Read more…

American Elections – Confessions of a Former Monarchy

American elections: like a sixteen-year-old girl, we are ever questing for our new hero. He must be someone who will treat us like an equal while protecting us from all the things we can’t handle about adult life. He must do this with the understanding that we get to dump him in a few years. Sooner, if he’s really, really abusive. We search the profiles of our prospective political lovers; are thrilled and despondant by turns. They take us on dates to rallies that rival the excitement of a rock concert. They… Read more American Elections – Confessions of a Former Monarchy