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Tag: Child Rearing

A Note on Children in Church

When I first became Orthodox, there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on extending grace to children and including them in the Church at their own level. Certain factions always grumbled about this, though, and they usually seemed to be wealthier people who had contributed to the parish for a long time and wanted things to be “nice” for their worship experience in return. No bothersome children, please. Now I feel as if the institutional church in general is currently swinging toward more strictness. Perhaps the recession has given… Read more A Note on Children in Church

Rudolf Diels, Father of the Gestapo, on Corporal Punishment

“The infliction of physical punishment is not every man’s job, and naturally we were only too glad to recruit men who were prepared to show no signs of squeamishness at their task.  Unfortunately, we knew nothing of the Freudian side of the business, and it was only after a number of instances of unnecessary flogging and meaningless cruelty that I tumbled to the fact that my organization had been attracting all the sadists in Germany and Austria without my knowledge for some time past.  It had also been attracting unconscious… Read more Rudolf Diels, Father of the Gestapo, on Corporal Punishment