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Link: The Hymn as Literature

It’s a book, and I’ve read much of the first chapter, and it just happens to loosely tie in to a discussion involved in our most recent challenge. And it’s interesting and sound. And it reminds me a little of how sadly off the U.S. has been without established religion. Here’s the link. Take a look at the first chapter, at least. Hymns were the primary part of my early poetic experience – I mean earlier than when I began to read regular poetry. If that’s like you, you may find as… Read more Link: The Hymn as Literature

Announcement About Ratty Release

Hey there, friends. This extended project – self-publishing my first book of short stories – is nearly over. How this writing/publishing project has changed and propelled me forward in my skills! I’ve submitted the final files and they will be available on Amazon in a few days. (Actually, the print version and the ebook version are both available already, but if you were to purchase the print version now it would have a few typos and formatting errors that didn’t make it into the final version.) The ebook version is selling for… Read more Announcement About Ratty Release

Something About Self- and Indie- Publishing

Since I’m about to confer on myself the dubious honor of being a self-published author, I thought I’d try to find others like myself and read a few of their things. In so doing I’ve reached a few conclusions. First, that the most common sort of author to self-publish is the author of talent who is writing things that won’t make a publishing house any money. Let’s call them Unconventional Authors of Talent, or AUTs. These people are capable of writing works of substance which do not conform to conventional expectations in… Read more Something About Self- and Indie- Publishing


I finally finished The Monk of Mount Athos. It is not the sort of book that it’s wise to gobble up at a sitting, though I could have done so as it is rather short. It’s more like the Gospel, that you can slowly absorb a few paragraphs at a time. Needless to say, and no insult intended, I recommend it. Johnny and I are memorizing the Paschal Troparion in Greek. That is, I’ve already done so, and the more I sing it, the more Johnny is able to sing… Read more Update

First Trip to the Library

I have just discovered that by hitting ‘Enter’ while holding down the shift key I can start a line directly below my present line like this instead of double-spacing my paragraphs like WordPress normally does. This will be nice the next time I write a poem. *** “Libraries are just civilized. They are just a part of civilized society, and we need one.” This was Scottie’s Dad. Scottie, who got his political sensibilities nearly as much from  his libertarian friend Fred as from his own Father, disagreed. “It’s $200.00 per family per… Read more First Trip to the Library

Reading of Late (With Added Excerpts of Poetry)

As I came by to maybe put up a dilettante post about what I’ve been reading lately (it’s been a reading, not a writing time) I noticed that I have four comments I’d not seen. Ah, you lurky readers, you – there you are! Well, as you all know, I do enjoy comments. And the people who comment on this blog, spammers aside, are such decent thoughtful friendly people. I feel really fortunate in you all. I finished War and Peace. I found the ending very startling. True, everyone ends up… Read more Reading of Late (With Added Excerpts of Poetry)

Blogs That Don’t Belong in my Blogroll, but to Which I Wish to Link, Nevertheless

As I mentioned before, the criteria for being on my blogroll is that I feel a certain blog has proved to be a noticeable influence on whatever I’m doing in my own blog. There are a long list of blogs, however, that I read just for enjoyment. Here are four of the best-written of that long list. O Cuniculi: Here’s an English fellow, a teacher of some sort, who’s always interesting. The name of his blog is a joke, in Latin, which I think I almost get. Warwickensis is a devoted Christian running… Read more Blogs That Don’t Belong in my Blogroll, but to Which I Wish to Link, Nevertheless