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Something About Self- and Indie- Publishing

Since I’m about to confer on myself the dubious honor of being a self-published author, I thought I’d try to find others like myself and read a few of their things. In so doing I’ve reached a few conclusions. First, that the most common sort of author to self-publish is the author of talent who is writing things that won’t make a publishing house any money. Let’s call them Unconventional Authors of Talent, or AUTs. These people are capable of writing works of substance which do not conform to conventional expectations in… Read more Something About Self- and Indie- Publishing

Dear Mr. Christopher Paolini – About Last Night

Dear Mr. Paolini, it was so good to see you last night. I do mean ‘see’ and little more, because I stood by the corner of a bookshelf and gazed at you for about a minute and then left. However, since you are the best-known person I’ve ever been within yards of, I felt it was an unevent singular enough to merit this letter. Indulge in no regret at this near miss. Our not having met, ever, saves you the necessity to make perfunctory apologies about not remembering me. The story is this: after hearing you on the radio… Read more Dear Mr. Christopher Paolini – About Last Night