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Tag: Abortion

The Alien and the Slimy Rock

Once upon a time, a very well-educated alien was flying through space with next to nothing on his mind. This means a little more than it would if you, for instance, had nothing on your mind; this alien’s mind was the very next thing to a black hole so he really had  exactly next to nothing on his mind. This alien had been doing nothing but zooming around empty space for aeons. He could not even die and decay, because although he was trapped, exiled, in the timeline of the… Read more The Alien and the Slimy Rock

A Quick Idea

I’m always trying to think of ways to contact and minister to the inner city folk, without hosting Operation This-Time-We’re-Hip-Enough or whatever. What are we, after all, if we can’t help the worst off ones? It struck me that we might hold events in which Priests bless inner-city children. We could let mothers know that they can bring their children to be blessed at a certain time and place. And women and priests can be there, maybe some fathers since most of these kids don’t have any. And the children… Read more A Quick Idea