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How To Ferment Using Cooking Machines

There are very few cooking machines designed specifically to culture or ferment food, and they tend to be extremely expensive and make very small amounts at a time. Here’s how to ferment a large batch of rice using a rice cooker, and of yogurt using a probe crock pot and a thermal jacket. Rice cookers (not pressure cookers) tend to have a warm function that creates a perfect environment for fermentation. Cook a batch of rice, following the usual instructions. Unplug the machine and let it cool for a few… Read more How To Ferment Using Cooking Machines

The Lord of The Rings and The Book of Job

One reason I like Tolkien’s mythology so much is its approach to the relationship between freedom and evil. Generally, when a Christian thinker is asked why evil occurs and is allowed to influence the world, the answer comes down to “freedom.” Tolkien, on the other hand, strongly associates compulsion and slavery with evil, and freedom with goodness and righteousness. Much better. In the common view, people can’t be truly free unless they have a genuine opportunity to do evil as well as good. I don’t really understand this approach. It’s… Read more The Lord of The Rings and The Book of Job

Wodehouse Makes Fun of Fashionable Poets

From The Saturday Evening Post, Volume 188, comes a short story by P. G. Wodehouse, entitled, The Aunt and the Sluggard. This is 1925. The rise of fascism is occurring in real time, a muddled mush of aspiration, intellectual irresponsibility, and dark intent. Related is the “Life is real, life is earnest,” school of thought regarding the purpose of art. (No offense to Longfellow.) All gentle things are eschewed. Everything is meant to be “fine,” and “splendid” and “severe” and “strong.” It seems a sort of code for, “Fascism and… Read more Wodehouse Makes Fun of Fashionable Poets

Poetry Challenge 16: Post Thy Poems

Here is the link to the description for this challenge. The point is to write a poem using three from a list of invented words, as well as (if desired) invented words of one’s own. The challenge is open. Post your poems in the comment section. Remember to use at least three of the invented words, and if you want to, any number of your own. Don’t forget to provide definitions where they are needed. Have fun!

Poetry Challenge 16: Halovidian

The challenge this time is to write a poem using rhyme, meter/rhythm, and/or alliteration, with the following catch: we have to use at least three of the following invented words, and assign our own meaning to them. You can also include made-up words of your own. If necessary, provide pronunciation guides. Feel free to invent plurals and other forms for these words. Suggested but not required theme: the nature of language. The challenge opens here two weeks from today. That’s July 8th, 2018. Entries will be considered for paid inclusion… Read more Poetry Challenge 16: Halovidian

Humorous Video

It’s a little after midnight here on the ranch (for instance, why did I call it “the ranch?”) and my eldest and I are snatching a few minutes from the jaws of sleep to have a little improv session. We did this without any planning or practice, on the spur of the moment. We had a lot of fun, so go ahead and check out this satirical youtube video. We are quite assertive about our politics but sometimes you have to cut loose and make fun of the nutjobs on… Read more Humorous Video