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Category: Stories

A Note on Children in Church

When I first became Orthodox, there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on extending grace to children and including them in the Church at their own level. Certain factions always grumbled about this, though, and they usually seemed to be wealthier people who had contributed to the parish for a long time and wanted things to be “nice” for their worship experience in return. No bothersome children, please. Now I feel as if the institutional church in general is currently swinging toward more strictness. Perhaps the recession has given… Read more A Note on Children in Church

Lazarus and the Oppressor

Once upon a time, there was a man whose fate on earth was unthinkably bad. He was homeless, jobless, and unable to work. He had a terrible disease. Because he was not a woman or a child, no one’s gallantry was awakened by his plight. He got no health care. He got no help. He had nothing to eat. And this is a man who had harmed no one in his life – or if once he had, his wrongdoing was swallowed up in the horror of his fate. This… Read more Lazarus and the Oppressor

Writing Update

Three things. First, why I haven’t been blogging. We moved to the country and now I don’t have internet for my computer – just phone data! That may change soon but will likely remain limited. I’m loving the countryside, though. Second, the delay of the appearance of Her Rattiness. Back in March, I stayed up late doing a final edit and didn’t backup the altered manuscript. In the morning my lovely daughter poured milk on my computer. Only a few weeks ago, I finally figured out how to retrieve the… Read more Writing Update