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Category: Soul’s Knowledge

“Every instance of finite becoming or thought or desire subsists in the creature’s ‘ecstasy’ out of nonbeing into the infinite splendor of God”

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
What then, one might well ask, is divine providence? Certainly all Christians must affirm God’s transcendent governance of everything, even fallen history and fallen nature, and must believe that by that governance he will defeat evil and bring the final good of all things out of the darkness of “this age.” It makes a considerable difference, however—nothing less than our understanding of the nature of God is at stake—whether one says that God has eternally willed the history of sin and death, and all that…

Theology: Embattled Defense or Heroic Quest?

I spent a little over three years as a Biblical Studies Major in two Christian colleges. The first and last years I spent at Maranatha University; the middle year at a small start-up college. One day, at Maranatha, it occurred to me, “I’m done,” and I withdrew my registration and walked away in the middle of the first semester of my senior year. It was very difficult to explain to people why I was leaving when graduation was in reach. Although I found all the rules and standards stressful, Maranatha’s atmosphere… Read more Theology: Embattled Defense or Heroic Quest?


Not long ago a friend told me the following story. She had been falsely accused of sexual sin, in a strict religious community, in her youth. She spent her teenaged years under a cloud of scrutiny, suspicion, and self-doubt. She was ostracized by the “good people” and later on she even was rejected as a marriage candidate by a suitor’s parents, because of the old rumors. Later on, one of this woman’s friends actually did the thing she had been accused of, more or less. When she heard about that,… Read more Martyrs

The Silent Resurrection of Fascism – Part I, Introduction

Originally posted on Rise and Fall of the Great Powers:
When one hears the word “Fascist”, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the Axis powers of WWII, and the fiery end of those States. The other is a false image presented by leftists that is meant to accuse a person of siding with corporations or simply disagreeing with Socialism. However, since the first image is failure and the second is cartoonish and obviously fake, the result is a dismissal of Fascism as a potent force…