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Category: Prayer


Not long ago a friend told me the following story. She had been falsely accused of sexual sin, in a strict religious community, in her youth. She spent her teenaged years under a cloud of scrutiny, suspicion, and self-doubt. She was ostracized by the “good people” and later on she even was rejected as a marriage candidate by a suitor’s parents, because of the old rumors. Later on, one of this woman’s friends actually did the thing she had been accused of, more or less. When she heard about that,… Read more Martyrs

Jesus, Taker Of Souls

Jesus, you are the taker of souls, you are the secret thief of souls. Under cover of night you steal your daughter from pirates who curse and strike the air. Jesus, you are the divine piper and every soul who hears you throws away his living and runs after you leaving his winding-sheet in the road. Jesus, you are the all-loved man. Masked in darkness, you draw out the soul of a dying man from its lifelong home. Though he is terrified he surrenders. Jesus, you are the taker of… Read more Jesus, Taker Of Souls

Night Travels

This deep horizon lies so long below my rushing gaze that at its edge, bereft of trees or structures, all my sight contains has blended to a soft and neutral gray. I never saw a true horizon once before today. And now, just as I see, for once, what human sight can really do if nothing intervenes, the sun is going down. I leap, like some dart beast, some deer or hound, I surge ahead and meet no obstacle. I stop and see that not a thing has changed. I… Read more Night Travels