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Category: Politics

Fascism vs. Marxism; Collusion vs. Conspiracy; One-income vs. Two-Income

My husband regularly puts himself through a particularly difficult and unpleasant intellectual ordeal: he reads the writings of people whose ideology he despises. One such author is Benito Mussolini. According to the famous WWII-era Italian dictator, the essence of fascism (for my loving spouse has put me to the torture of listening while he reads extended excerpts) is the belief that every citizen of the modern state exists because of the beneficence of the state and therefore ought to devote himself to the welfare of the state. All goods through… Read more Fascism vs. Marxism; Collusion vs. Conspiracy; One-income vs. Two-Income

Nation Is Not Church

  “Forgive,” the Church’s founder said. “Don’t judge or punish. I’ll atone.” For centuries the Christian Church refused to cast the first stone. “Do good,” our great apostle warned. “The king holds not the sword in vain.” So Christian nations asked for earthly justice from the one who’d reign. Now times have changed. The saints demand a swordless civil government While feeling personally free to slander Christian presidents.

The Marginalized

Housebreakers, murderers, rapists and frauds Are pushed to the margins, unheard and alone. Hypocrites! Think of the fact we’re all flawed And give these poor fellows a big megaphone.


Al Hamilton of Broadway fame So Mistress Cleo says Designed the college many blame For sanctioning our latest Prez. And why? Because the scheme creates A union, not of crowds but states.

Scottie Comments on Monarchy

My husband, an amateur historian, has been talking about monarchy on facebook with a libertarian friend. For the friend’s sake I won’t quote the whole conversation, but here’s Scottie’s latest comment. The charge is that monarchy equals dictatorship; that ‘king’ is just a fancy name for president; that kings kill people; that many monarchies existing in the world today are not all that prosperous or stable – examples of which are Swaziland and Saudi Arabia. Here’s what Scottie says: Since there seems to be some confusion, I think I need… Read more Scottie Comments on Monarchy