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Category: Parenting

First Trip to the Library

I have just discovered that by hitting ‘Enter’ while holding down the shift key I can start a line directly below my present line like this instead of double-spacing my paragraphs like WordPress normally does. This will be nice the next time I write a poem. *** “Libraries are just civilized. They are just a part of civilized society, and we need one.” This was Scottie’s Dad. Scottie, who got his political sensibilities nearly as much from  his libertarian friend Fred as from his own Father, disagreed. “It’s $200.00 per family per… Read more First Trip to the Library

A Rather Heckish Day

I must be brief. I feel I’m starving, and none of this fare my husband likes to call “rabbit food” seems tolerable at the moment. After wrestling with Johnny for hours on end I’ve been overtaken by the urge to replenish my emotional welbeing by eating something warm and savory and very, very lonely. But a word is enough on a subject so mind-splitting. Soon I must go and hunt down my missing husband and when I find him (frolicking with his brothers, no doubt) I am going to leave… Read more A Rather Heckish Day

Babies Going to the Chiropractor

Here’s Nicole Hoelscher Harms’ full story of a Chiropractor solving colic. Nicole is a friend and a published author of articles. I would only add that if you are taking your child to the chiropractor it’s well to find one who has some training on the gentler techniques needed for children. The last few days have been rough. From dinner until she finally collapsed from exhaustion at around 11 each night, Megan has been awake, screaming, and obviously in pain. Nothing is more difficult and emotionally draining for a mommy than… Read more Babies Going to the Chiropractor

Google Searches that Brought Me Readers II: Getting Kids to Eat Eggs

For kid-friendly egg recipe scroll to the bottom of the post.  I continue to be amazed by the search phrases that bring people to my blog. Just to reassure everyone, there’s no indication who made the search or where they were coming from, at least not that I know how to or care how to find. Last time I wrote about the amusing search “mean poems to say to enemies” and obligingly put up a few. Since then not a day goes by when I don’t get three or four… Read more Google Searches that Brought Me Readers II: Getting Kids to Eat Eggs