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Category: Miscellaneous

Quick Link

For those of us interested in learning traditional Orthodox Music, here’s an online tutorial for learning specific troparia and so forth in Byzantine (Greek) Chant.

Hi, Everyone

We are in the throes of house-buying, and that is the main reason why I have neglected this poor blog and all my blog friends of late. Apologies, and I’ll see you on the other side!

Quiet In the Evening, and a Memory of Field Corn

The night in its darkness communicates with my darkened room by way of french doors, through which pass cool air and a singular evening scent. It makes me think of adventures. I’ve just spent a long time playing with Scottie and Johnnie on our bed – it’s really as much the family trampoline as much as a bed – and I suppose a little of the childish way of thinking awakened in me. Such a night, when I was younger, would have been inducement enough to take to the out… Read more Quiet In the Evening, and a Memory of Field Corn

Movie vs. Stageplay

What’s the difference between the two forms? In movies, directors and producers are allowed to change the script, sometimes drastically. They can even put out multiple versions of the same movie. What they are crafting as artistans is the final experience of watching the movie. The writer of the screenplay works within this overall purpose. His screenplay does not exist as a distinct work of art, but is rather one step, literary but fluid, toward the real work of art, which is the movie as experienced by the consumer. The… Read more Movie vs. Stageplay