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Category: Meaning of Life

Baba Yetu

So I’m jumping on this a little behind the times… and it’s a video game theme… but I see nothing to despise here and a lot to love. Here’s the song; the translation (taken from Wikipedia) is below that. Swahili English “Baba Yetu” Baba yetu, yetu uliye Mbinguni yetu, yetu amina! Baba yetu yetu uliye M jina lako e litukuzwe.Utupe leo chakula chetu Tunachohitaji, utusamehe Makosa yetu, hey! Kama nasi tunavyowasamehe Waliotukosea usitutie Katika majaribu, lakini Utuokoe, na yule, muovu e milele!Ufalme wako ufike utakalo Lifanyike duniani kama mbinguni. (Amina)… Read more Baba Yetu

C. S. Lewis and The Secret To Writing Descriptions in Novels

Descriptions have a really bad name in the world of publishing and writing. Apparently the present-day reader so dreads a passage of justified text, without any quotation marks, that we writers have to be advised to sprinkle the description in little by little amongst the dialogue. Is this because descriptions are bad,  only allowed in out of tolerance in the early days of the novel because readers then didn’t know better? Or is it because descriptions have been done so badly for so long that we have become conditioned to… Read more C. S. Lewis and The Secret To Writing Descriptions in Novels


And I am hung in thy net. To writhe is exhausting but involuntary. And I am cut off by its weave from the world that shines inward upon me. How consoling that I am so small compared to the joy I cannot feel. A net cannot catch sorrows dripping but oceans of joy will dilute the drops. My rhyme and my beat are both broken; Eros is only a ghost that I dream of; Nature is encased in rigid constructs; And I, most precious self to me, am lost. How… Read more Hung