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Link: The Hymn as Literature

It’s a book, and I’ve read much of the first chapter, and it just happens to loosely tie in to a discussion involved in our most recent challenge. And it’s interesting and sound. And it reminds me a little of how sadly off the U.S. has been without established religion. Here’s the link. Take a look at the first chapter, at least. Hymns were the primary part of my early poetic experience – I mean earlier than when I began to read regular poetry. If that’s like you, you may find as… Read more Link: The Hymn as Literature

Link: Dictionary of Rare Words

Splendid site. I may have a poetry challenge soon in which we try to use, in a poem, as many words as possible from this “rare words” dictionary. My trouble is that I frequently think in concepts for which I cannot find any words. Inventing words is very difficult at this stage of history, I think – or maybe I just don’t have the talent for it. Or maybe I should practice. Well anyhow, here’s hoping that I may find in this list words for some of those concepts languishing in… Read more Link: Dictionary of Rare Words