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Category: Letters

Jesus, Taker Of Souls

Jesus, you are the taker of souls, you are the secret thief of souls. Under cover of night you steal your daughter from pirates who curse and strike the air. Jesus, you are the divine piper and every soul who hears you throws away his living and runs after you leaving his winding-sheet in the road. Jesus, you are the all-loved man. Masked in darkness, you draw out the soul of a dying man from its lifelong home. Though he is terrified he surrenders. Jesus, you are the taker of… Read more Jesus, Taker Of Souls

My Dear Patient Readers, I’ve finally got him off – Scottie has betaken himself to the south for two months and suddenly I’ve got time on my hands. Time that could be well spent in many ways, of course. I need to scour my appartment in preparation for the house blessing I haven’t signed up for yet, and Scottie wants me to write him a letter every day. And then there are all those improving things I meant to do like take a night course, read some of these books,… Read more