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Category: Ideas

Higher Than The Heavens; Lower Than The Angels

In preparation for writing one of my stories which has been held up in the underworld region of my cognizance for far too long, I have been researching !!!***astrology***!!! (Insert scream of shock and scandal here!) What most strikes me at this stage is that this is the last living link to the myths of our pre-Christian ancestors. And it’s pretty lively. But even astrology, or the way it has been approached, has also been changed by the advent of Christ and the rise of Christianity. Specifically, the literary development of conscious allegory… Read more Higher Than The Heavens; Lower Than The Angels

What Is Real Progress?

It would be odd if we had a concept of progress, but nothing to correspond to it in reality. I think progress is something that the human race is supposed to experience, but the mechanics get co-opted by bad things a lot. So, just because something is “progressive” doesn’t mean it helped anyone. On the other hand, it is possible to trace ways in which things have improved as well as ways in which they have not. And some changes are neither good nor bad in any absolute sense, but simply are… Read more What Is Real Progress?

Talking About Christmas Ahead of Time

When I was sixteen I wrote a novelette about a large family living in the country in the 1800’s. They were a merry bunch and had the most awful names and I had a blast writing about them. In the story, one of the elder brothers has a very special protective relationship with a sister ten years younger than himself. I suppose that is a common fantasy of girls like myself who grew up as the eldest and never had a proper mentor. I recall an incident in the story… Read more Talking About Christmas Ahead of Time