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Tips for a New Narnia Movie from an Amateur Lewis scholar/fan

I believe that eventually someone is going to make a new Narnia movie because the last ones failed to satisfy. I think the central problem of making a book into a movie is to stay true to the heart and story of the book, while still making an actual movie and not just a book-on-film. Here are some suggestions. Realize that Aslan is the heart of Narnia, the whole reason for writing the books. Consequently, Aslan must be depicted in a certain way in order for the movies to come… Read more Tips for a New Narnia Movie from an Amateur Lewis scholar/fan

The Death of a Comrade

Harvest Home By Walter de la Mare First published in 1923, then republished in 1957 A bird flies up from the hayfield; Sweet is the newmown grass; But all those flowers laid low at noonday! And only my sighed Alas! Man garners his own with scythe and gun- Seed of the weed or blood; But the life dies out of a foolish heart When the dust is christened mud. The beauty is gone… Saints sing of heaven: Death’s but the narrow pass From a transient dream to a changeless Real-… Read more The Death of a Comrade

Theology: Embattled Defense or Heroic Quest?

I spent a little over three years as a Biblical Studies Major in two Christian colleges. The first and last years I spent at Maranatha University; the middle year at a small start-up college. One day, at Maranatha, it occurred to me, “I’m done,” and I withdrew my registration and walked away in the middle of the first semester of my senior year. It was very difficult to explain to people why I was leaving when graduation was in reach. Although I found all the rules and standards stressful, Maranatha’s atmosphere… Read more Theology: Embattled Defense or Heroic Quest?