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Category: Christianity

Another Brief Word on Universalism

Perhaps one of the weakest arguments that’s advanced against the hope that all mankind will eventually be saved from evil and enjoy the blessings of God’s love is the argument that this belief encourages sinners to sin. Without the doctrine of eternal punishment, some people say, people will sin with impunity, unafraid of the consequences. What an odd thing to say! Suppose I tell my son, “If you do such-and-such, you get no more screen time for a week.” And he really wants to do such-and-such so he says, “OK,… Read more Another Brief Word on Universalism

On Prayers to Mary

I recently ran into this discussion over at an interesting blog. She called it the “scary Mary prayer” and apparently it is the one that says, “Most Holy Theotokos, save us.” The comments were interesting, but I wanted to add to them. Pretty soon my comment got too long so I’ve decided to post on my own venue. First of all, I had a similar crisis to this in Bible College when I realized that the scriptures – yes, the Bible – speak of things and people as saving folks.… Read more On Prayers to Mary

And Beheld the Light of Evening

The Lord is the Light of Evening, as much as he is the Light of Morning. Everywhere we are, the Lord is the only light and without him light is darkness. When I lived in the other place – the slums of Harrison Township – I complained about it. We had drug-dealers in the apartment below and the living room felt like a tunnel with light only at one end. I ought to have done the Lord the justice, then, of not complaining about our place of living, and instead… Read more And Beheld the Light of Evening

A’ Kempis and MacDonald: Something for Me and my Readers From a Couple of our Favorite Western Christians

Poetically this verse doesn’t really sing, does it? But the thoughts expressed, and the economy of words with which they are expressed, have been just what I needed this morning. After Thomas Kempis by George MacDonald I. Who follows Jesus shall not walk                                             Read the Gospel In darksome road with danger rife; But in his heart the Truth will talk, And on his way will shine the Life. So, on the story we must pore Of him who lives for us, and died, That we may see him walk before,… Read more A’ Kempis and MacDonald: Something for Me and my Readers From a Couple of our Favorite Western Christians