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Category: Art

C. S. Lewis and The Secret To Writing Descriptions in Novels

Descriptions have a really bad name in the world of publishing and writing. Apparently the present-day reader so dreads a passage of justified text, without any quotation marks, that we writers have to be advised to sprinkle the description in little by little amongst the dialogue. Is this because descriptions are bad,  only allowed in out of tolerance in the early days of the novel because readers then didn’t know better? Or is it because descriptions have been done so badly for so long that we have become conditioned to… Read more C. S. Lewis and The Secret To Writing Descriptions in Novels

Five Poems: Poem 1, Dance

I’ve pretty much been writing a poem a day for a while. So far I’ve been able to salvage 5. Dance When he whirls her round and round her patterned waist rat-tatts his hands. Her mind is oppositely wound and cannot spin with beer and glands surrender to a lilting sound and yield a body for a flower. She wants a word of power. What brief and commonplace return does he expect he can extract with mutterings of burn and yearn? What deep attention she’d exact – he ought to… Read more Five Poems: Poem 1, Dance

Almost To Almost There

Seven and a half years ago, I was sitting in my maiden bed, going over a notebook full of jottings and records in preparation for my wedding. The prep had been something of a nightmare – I think many women, and not just those who suffer from a high level of ADHD symptoms, will sympathize with me in that. My roommate talked me into taking a break and we watched Stargate. I recognized a plot device in the movie – two groups think they are mortal enemies until a far… Read more Almost To Almost There