How to preserve flavorful herbs without a dehydrator

If your herbs are beginning to flourish, you’ll be pruning them to encourage fuller growth.

You may be interested in this low-outlay method of preserving flavorful herbs like oregano and thyme (which keep diseases and allergies at bay) until you’re ready to use those clippings in your cooking.

This is sort of like freeze drying but gentler. It preserves a lot of flavor for short term storage.

I washed the herbs then wrapped them in paper towel and shook the water off them. I wrapped them in a new paper towel, twisted it shut around them, and secured the twist.

I kept them in the fridge door for about a week. When I came back they were dry.

They dried perfectly with no mold. I can’t say the same for the herbs I tried preserving in a plastic bag.

The flavor of the cold-dried herbs is so strong I had to spit a leaf out, unlike dried oregano from the store. I believe this would work with any Mediterranean herb. I’m not sure about softer leaf herbs like basil and mint.

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